Q. How do I rent a piece of equipment?

A. Here is a step by step guide on how to rent our equipment:
1. In order to rent our equipment you must first create an account and include your credit card information.
2. Once the account is created, you can then choose the piece of equipment you’d like to rent.
3. From there you choose the quantity, the date range for which you’d like to rent the equipment, and upload your insurance.
4. Once you have done that, you can then click the button “Check Availability.”
5. You are then prompted to view your cart. Click “View Cart” or the “Checkout” tab at top of the website.
6. Here you will put in your billing address information, check off that you’ve read our Terms and Conditions, and request your confirmation.
7. We will then be notified of your request and we will approve it if everything is good to go. You will also get an email saying that you Requested a Confirmation.
8. Once we approve the order, you will get an email with the approval and be prompted to put in your payment information and agree to our Rental Terms and Conditions in order to complete the order if you hadn’t already done so.
9. Once you submit your payment you may then pick up your equipment at 759 East Lincoln Highway Exton, Pennsylvania, 19341 the morning that your rental begins or when otherwise discussed.

Q. Why does my order have to be approved? Why can’t I rent right now?

A. Your order request is sent to us to ensure we have the appropriate equipment, quantity, and that everything is all set so you have a smooth, First Class experience.

Q. Can you ship the equipment to me?

A. Depending on where you are located, yes. We are looking to keep shippable orders within 30 miles of our warehouse.